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Top 10 Websites to Create fake magazine cover with your images

There are so many website that help you to generate a fake magazine styled photos of you online.Here are I enlist some of the website which provides online free service to make your own funny photo or hilarious photo as looking like a celebrities page cover.
You can generate your images on very famous magazines like Time, Maxim, Playboy, Rolling Stone, PC Gamer, Style, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, People, National Geographic, Life, Sports Illustrated, Seventeen, Business Today, Vogue, Popular, Elle, GQ, Wired and shock your friends with them.
Posterini is an interactive application on the cloud that transforms your photos into amazing movie posters, magazine covers and other fun variations.I have made my Fake Magazine Covers Photo with that website,I just posted above.
That is also utility providing you to create fake magazine covers with your photo for free.Create personalized, artfully framed magazine or comics covers.They also provides a recently made cover from their website from their users worldwide that will give you some idea to create your own style.

As the name suggest, the website is working on similar basis.You can generate your photos as if you were famous celebrity on the cover of a popular magazine.

The website domain name is similar to the above one but the layout of website is quite different than above one.You can create latter size or Photo size magazine cover with your image with the website.
It is online Photomontage Generator that generates fake pictures, free cards, photomontage, magazine cover and others funny jokes for you and your friends.
It is simple website where you have to just upload the photo of yours by browsing and click on the generate buttons,so the website will generate a fake cover magazine for your image.
It is also similar website providing you to upload your photo on their website and than you can give a surprise to your friends by sharing them on Orkut, MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and other social networks

8. allows you to put your face on the cover of thousands of magazine covers! Just upload your original photo and experiment with hundreds of layouts!

Frontpageyou allows you to generate quick and fast fake magazine style images for you.The homepages is simple where the rolling photos cover shows randomly, just select the image from one of them and strats making your own.





You can suggest me any if I missed anything.

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