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Embed an IFRAME in WordPress


If you have just lunched a wordpress website and you wish to display another web page in your wordpress post, you might not be able to post any webpage in your wordpress blog or website, but you can do this possible by a plugin named Pageview.

About Pageview plugin :
Pageview plugin is a wordpress plugin, which helps wordpress webmaster to show any webpage from diffreren website in their post, and so that user can view that website in that post.

If you have a blog or website based on wordpress, you wish to show a result page from university in your post, so that user can check their University Result in your website, thus they might like your website and subscribe your feeds,so that your website becomes more user friendly and user can bookmark and also increase your page views.

Where to download Pageview plugin for wordpress :
You can download Pageview plugin from here.
You can install the plugin in /wp-content/plugins directory
Now activate the plugin, you have done.

How to use Pageview plugin with wordpress :
Whenever you wish to show a another website or Embed another webpage in your website, you just need to past following code in your post.
[pageview url="URL of website you wish to show" height="400px" border="yes' scrolling='yes']
You can adjust Title , Desc, width,height , boarder and scrolling in this plugin by entering in code with attribute 'yes' or 'no'.


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