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Top Facebook Desktop Application to use Facebook From Desktop

We have already discussed about using Facebook in Office without fearing from boss.Well, the tip is to use the Facebook in the Windows application like MS Excel that so that boss will understand you are working on excel sheet while you are using Facebook inside MS Excel.
Here are the list of Top Facebook Desktop application that will allows you to access your Facebook from the Desktop application as like you are using Facebook Java application for mobile.Facebook Desktop application will allows user to control their Facebook account without opening them in browser and use it from Desktop.

Facebook Desktop Clients

1.Facebook Desktop
The application is quite similar with Facebook mobile application, The pop up message will shown up whenever some one messaged you or Facebook notification are coming on your Facebook account.
Note: You need to have installed .NET Framework 2.0 in your computer before you are installing the Facebook Desktop application.
You need to authorize your Facebook account to use Desktop application by logging in to your Facebook account and from then whenever you are starting application, it will be automatically log in , so you need not to type user name and password each time you are starting application.

The application is around 8.9 MB in size which is also used as Facebook Desktop application.The application will notify user whenever new message comes in your Facebook account,Poke,Facebook Wall,group invite,event invite,friend request,tagged photo,share via pop up messages to your desktop and keep you update with the latest from your Facebook account.

Fosimo is another Desktop Client For Facebook by which you will experience like Facebook interface that application is allows user to Group chat,Facebook chat box that will show you how many of your friends are online on Facebook.You can update your Facebook status from Fosimo application all the features are available in Fosimo Facebook Desktop application like uploading photos on Facebook, notification for Group invites, Friend requests,Pokes and many more.

Facedesk is an (adobe air) application of Facebook Desktop client that when installed, becomes a stand-alone application to do all your Facebook surfing with. No need to open it up in a web browser, You can even login your Facebook account through the application.While Facebook Desktop on the 1st mentioned is needed to grant access from your Facebook account to use it from desktop but it is standalone application used to login from the desktop and you can do all the activity like uploading photos, Tagging, friends requests, Chatting, viewing friends Facebook profile etc.

5.Facebook Tray Notify
The application will notify user about friends request, new Facebook messages, Event invitation , Group Invitation on Facebook and pokes.The lightweight application will notify you on your windows each time new updates are made from your Facebook account siting on the windows task-bar.

Facebook Mac Clients

6.Dashboard Widget
The Dashboard widget is specially developed for the Mac OS X dashboard.It is designed to shows the latest notification from your Facebook account on your desktop.It will shows the messages, Friends request, pokes or group invitation like options other application have.You can manually refresh it by clickin on Manual refresh if your internet speed is low.You can check your internet speed for Uploading speed and downloading speed online from internet speed testing website.

7.Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
By using Facebook Exporter for iPhoto, you can send your favorite photos to your Facebook account. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto is the best application to upload photos on Facebook for Mac.It also allows you to find photos in iPhoto, tag them with your friends' names, add captions, and upload them as an album to your profile. It's incredibly easy to use.

8.Facebook screensaver(FriendSaver)
As the name suggest it self, it is Facebook Screen saver.The application is specially made for Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.It displays endless photos of your Facebook friends.The application finds your frinds photos where they are tagged in and starts displaying photos in succession while your Mac is dormant. If you do not wish to shows some friends tagged photos, you can simply filter their name with a single click.It will updates real time photos tagging means it shows the photos uploaded by your friends recently.

Photobook is application specially made for Mac.The great application will allows you to manage, share, and view your friends' Facebook photos without ever going to their profile pages.You can view all the photos merged in one page or by slide shows from your Mac.Each of the photos or album can available to download in iPhoto.

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