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How to Create Animated Presentation in 3D

We already know how to create Presentation with MicroSoft PowerPoint by making slides which are basically unlimited in number.But what happen if you could make your presentation in 3 Dimensional to make it more attractive and engaged your reader attached with your presentation.

Demo builder is the most powerful tool to make audio-visual Flash demo movies that show how software and systems work,The Demo movies made by using Demobuilder is looks similarly like video playing on our video player or any flash movie we are viewing on our computer. It Also allow user to capture all actions taken in a running application, which can then be edited to produce interactive demonstrations and simulations. This makes it ideal for creating application simulations, presentations and interactive demos and tutorials.

You can take full-motion recording which is a series of screenshots, depending on your chosen recording method,It is very essential tool to let you how to videos to be published on video sharing social networking websites.Demobuilder application have ability to auto record the actions taken in the application or preferences can be set to manual recording, in which case you can manually take screenshots of the application.

After Recording full motion screenshots from running application from the computer, you can elaborate the recording by adding objects like arrow, finger tips and visual aids like balloons, notes and effects such as 3D transformations, zoom and pan and manipulating the time sequencing for scenes, objects and visual aids in the editing Window. You can also insert additional scenes or delete unwanted scenes from your video presentation you just recorded.

After Editing your your video you can finish your video by saving it, you can manually save it as Flash Movie(SWF), Video (H264, AVI, WMV, MPEG4), Stand-alone (EXE), Image Files, MS Word(Handouts) like file formats easily.The 3D representation made can be exported via EMail, FTP or to your hard drive or disk.The software is available in around 23 MB of file size and free version of Demo builder can be used for 15 days.You can download the trial version of Demo Builder online from the official website of Demobuilder.

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