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How to Create own Alexa toolbar for websites & blogs

As we all know that Alexa ranking is best for anny blogs or website, The Search engine Ranking is also depending upon Alexa ranking and so It your Alexa Search Engine Rank is higher than you can have better Search engine optimization in your blog and website.This article will guide you how to create your own Alexa toolbar for websites & blogs.If you are running your blogs and website , than you can create your own tool bar, For this, Follow the steps:

1.Login to alexa website or create account there.
2.Accept the Terms and condition mentioned there.
3.Name your Alexa tool bar, You can add your logo on your alexa tool bar,and social networking profiles at this page.
4.Click next and creat Installation page, from where user can download your alexa tool bar.
5.Click on preview and publish your tool bar.


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