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How to read all Language in opera mini

If you are bored using opera mini by using default language as an English,Even you want to read news paper in your mobile by using opera mini but you can't .Even some time you wish to see all language in your mobile so that you can read any website in your language, but you could not do this, here is the solution for that.
By doing the following hack (Tricks) , you are able to read all language in your opera software of mobile, you can also read all language news paper online from any website of the world in  mobile.

Just type config: in your URL of your opera mini browser & hit enter , you will be redirected to a page and you will have to do following setting as mentioned below .
You can do this by Opera Mini power-user settings :

What is Opera Mini power-user settings ?
Ans : It is the the main setting in opera, by which you can make possible to read all language in your mobile cell phone by using opera mini software.(mainly)
It is hidden menu in opera and generally you can not see this options in general setting of opera mini software.

What you have to do ?
You just change the option at the bottom , written that, Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts, by default there is selected no, but you can select YES and save the setting.

Now you have done !!
Congratulation , you can open any website that contains another language except English and you might wonder, you will be able to read any language of any website in your mobile.


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