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How to Register a New Blog via

Hello friends,
In previous lession we have learned about How to start New Blog to earn money. It was basic,but now I am going to explain important with new lesson about how to create a new blog via

Step 1 : Register new blog via login into
Step 2 : You will taken to this poge.Here in Blog tittle you need to enter the blog tittle you wish to appeared on the tittle at your browser.

In Blogg addres(URL) box, you need to type address which you want, just like of this blog URL is
After typing URL address, you need to check its availability whether it is available or not, if it is taken by another person, than you need to choose another name.

After the step , In Word Verification you need to type the words that is shown in Word Verification and click on continue.

Step 3 : After clicking on continue, you will be redirected to another page, Here you need to select template for your blog, Select any one template,(You can change it later so do not worry), Click on continue.

Step 4 : after clicking on Continue, you will be redirected to Congratulation page, that will show that your blog address and blog has been created, now you can easily blogging.Select on start blogging and now you have done.
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