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Show adsense ads below tittle of Blogger

You have seen that many of the blogger and websites have put their adsense ads Just below the Tittle, and You might know that by doing this tricks your adsense ads clicking chances will increasing and you will get more adsense revenue by doing this trick.You can add your adsense code by parsing by using adsense parser,Just get your adsense code, Parse it and put that code in your blogger template below tittle.
How you can find out the code for tittle and How to add code in such a way to show adsense ads below tittle?
You can do this by following steps.
1.Login to your blogger account.
2.Go to design/Layout tab , and in sub tab, select Edit HTML.
3.Find out the following code.


4.Now add the following code Just above that line,
<!-- Adsense Above Posts start --><b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'> Put your parsed adsense code here <br/></b:if><!-- Adsense Above Posts End -->

5.Now you have done.
You can parse your adsense code here in below box.
If you wish to show Adsense Link Unit just above the labels of a post, you can put your adsense code Just after
You can align adsense ad unit on your blog either right or left as per your wish below tittle.


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