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Where to Report adsense invalid click

If you are running a website or a blog and you are running  adsense ads on your website and blog , than you should be aware of Adsense Invalid clicks,If your enemy is jealous to you and He/She might thinking to block your adsense account, than he/she will clicks on your ads repetitively and adsense team will noticed as Invalid click or Froud clicks , so there might be a chance of getting your adsense account banned.however you are not in fault and You are even do not aware of the clicks.

How to Prevent Adsense account from Getting banned due to invalid clicks.

1.You should check your adsense account regularly, If you think any illegal or invalid activity like sudden Increasing in your adsense earning, though your page impression is low, than you might contactv Adsense Team to help you, So check your adsense account atleast twice a day.

2.Add Google analytics to your blog or website to keep tracking reports of your visitor that from where they come from , what links they clicked and all, so you will know about any sudden change in your adsense account.

3.You can try this coding to protect your adsense account getting invalid clicks.

Where to report about Invalid adsense ads Clicks ?
You can report about invalid adsense clicks to Adsense Team , Online Forum is available to report Google team.Thus they will review your account, and If they found any invalid clicks than they will return the money you got from those clicks to advertiser and Your account will be safe from getting banned.

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