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Apple has Dropped Prices on Macs in India

There is good news for Apple fans in India because Apple has Dropped Prices on Macs in India.
Recently Apple has lunched iPad 2 in India, Just around week after it was available in United Status.and there might be strong possibility of iPhone 4 also arrives in India this month.

Unlike the previous iPhone models that was tied to operator,Apple will possibly launch factory unlocked iPhone 4 in India meaning the phone should work with the SIM card of any cellular operator and not just Airtel or Vodafone.So people will get Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 .

Since last some days , Apply has significantly decreased prices of their Mac desktops and the Mac Mini by as much as 15%. Here is the table of price comparison that will show you significant drops in Apple Prices on Macs in India.
    Old Price New Price
mac mini Mac Mini 44,900 37,900
iMac 21 iMac 21.5" 74,900 64,900
Mac 27 iMac 27" 1,05,900 91,900


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