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How to add favicon to blogger

You have seen that many website users and bloggers add favicon to their blog or website to make their websites and blog more attractive,Here is blog, that I found to having favicon and which provides embroidery design online for free.
Favicon is nothing but favorite icon , which is symbol for your website or blog, You can add Favicon to your blogger blog, Just follow the steps to add favicon to your blogger.Do not forget to download/backup your blogger template first before changing any HTML code to get back your previews blogger template if you do not like changes you made.

Step-1 : Login to your blogger account.

Step-2 : Go to Design tab> Edit HTML.

Step-3 : Now upload that created image on any image hosting website and copy that image URL,URL must be end with the extension you have made of Image, like *.jpg, *.png , you can not upload any other type of URL.

Step-4 : Search for the following code by pressing Ctrl+F.

Step-5 :Add the following code just below that line.
<link href='URL of your icon file' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

Step-6 :You can also try 'image/png' , 'image/jpg' from extension instead of 'image/x-icon', Generally favicon size should be 16x16 pixel for the best use.

Step-7 : You have done !!!

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