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How to Download torrent file on UCWeb in Mobile

Hello friends, I hove coming with new tricks for all, Well , That tricks come in my mind when I was surfing Internet on my mobile, I reach to page containing my favorite Movie on UCweb,I have tried to download it but can not download it on my mobile because it was torrent file.I have tried a lot but I could not, So I decided that if I am trying to do that and I can not, but what happen to all those mobile users trying to do same as that I do.

I searched online on internet about same, and I found 1 tricks how to download torrent file in mobile in UCweb?
Now I have solution and I am sharing with you.

Follow the steps to Download torrent file on UCWeb in Mobile:

Step-1. Go to Torrific Website and create your account there.
Step-2. Now past URL of your torrentz file on the URL box shown at topmost  and click on get button.

Step-3. They will mail you that torrent file, so check your inbox,which e-mail address you have provided while at the time of registration,(It will take time to get, depending upon the file size)

Step-4. Now you have done!!


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