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How to find out Feedburner ID

As all webmaster currently using feedburner to diliver their blog post feed via mail to their Subscribed , and easy way to get traffic on their blog. Each publisher is provided a unique Feedburner ID for their account to be used to set up, distribute and modify their feeds as needed. Locating your Feedburner ID will allow you to create and edit your Feedburner tools as needed.

You may follow the steps to find out your feedburner ID :

1.Login to your feedburner account via

2.Now click on My feeds at the upper side.

3.You will get a list of feed as in below image,Now click on the Feed link you wish to get ID for.
4.Now you will get in URL box like a link
Such link you will get, Here Your feed burner id is after = mark.
You have done.


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