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Ads by Google now changed to AdChoices

I have observed Ads by Google now changed to AdChoices in Google adsense ads, and there is new benefit is that previously I was using operamini in my n70 mobile where google adsense ads were never appeared till date in any website, but due to changes in Google icon i, which is expanded on mouse hover , it has been replaced by AdChoices.

In Screenshot of this blog, you can see all ads by Google were replaced by Adchoices, however it has not been applied to small size ads  but only to large ad units, In Text and Image ads both you can see Adchoice label, In Text advertisement of Google on Large unit , you can see Adchoices label as static, but in Google Adsense Image ads unit, you can see only an icon which is expanded whenever mouse hover from it by adchioces. 


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