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Earning 5 Figure Income from Blogging

I am going to introduce my adsense income to new adsense readers, My interview has been published on,Though all my incomes are not from one blog, but it is in combination of multiple blogs based on different different topics.You can find blogs posted by me based on different topics on about page of this blog, They are as follows.

E-How Portal - Technology blogs & how to tips
Latest News Blog -Was previously about news articles & now based on Jobs & Recruitment topics
GTU Question paper blog -Based on GTU question paper of examination
Unieduportal-My biggest mistake of registering own domain.
My friends book- A memorial book for my friends
SMS Collection blog- All types of SMS collection 
Web-Resultportal-Result about University, Recruitment Result, Board Result etc.

Except of those blog, I have blogging on Hubpages, Indiastudychannel,Gujaratspider and Shetoldme and so many adsense revenue sharing blogs and websites.

I am now happy to say that I am now earning 5 figure income from adsense in INR, but I am happy as I am earning those money in my student life, I am currently studying in 3rd year B.Pharmacy and earning this much income from Google adsense, However the amount is varies from month to month due to exam time , college time but I am working on those blog and spending about 5-8 hours .
I like blogging and wishing to be full time blogger on Internet, I have big plan for my future company based on Internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

I wish other newbie and fellow bloggers will take something inspiration from this post and will try to earn themselves instead of wasting their time on facebook , orkut, Flickr & other social networking websites.You can earn from social networking websites by promoting your blogs on them not by chatting with friends.


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