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How to Create Google plus Desktop Application

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You can Create a Google+ desktop application by using a Mac app like Fluid or a Webrunner -Firefox extension, you can create a separate, button less web browser dedicated solely to Google plus.Than you can launch this browser just like any other app you are launching.

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You can make Google + Desktop Application by using Firefox 5 (Mac, Windows, Linux) by going to webrunner page and installing the Firefox extension followed by restarting your Mozilla Firefox browser.
Now open Google plus from your Mozilla Firefox browser and select “Create WebRunner App” from tools menu and fill the form that will be opened as shown in image above here.

Mac Users can Make a Google+ Desktop App with Fluid.
first of all Download and install Fluid that is available free for download but you can have extra features if you are buying that only for 4.99 $. How to set up Google + apps desktop application can be learned online in this provided video.

Fluid from Todd Ditchendorf on Vimeo.


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