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How to use Facebook Group Video Chat feature

Recently Facebook has launched Facebook video chat that need to install Facebook video chat plugin,almost you have contacted your friends and family member by Facebook Video calling features, but have you heard about Facebook Group Video calling feature?
Facebook is also providing Facebook Group video chatting features which is similar to Google plus Hang out features.If you do not know How to use Facebook Group Chat Feature , well this article is for you.You may comment below if this article is helpful to your or not or any other comment you wish to say.

Recently Mark has announced that Facebook has now crossed over 750 Million active Users,
You need to select in your friend list as shown in image.Here you need to select the Add friends to chat , by clicking on that link you will have to enter your friend's name with whom you are going to make Group Video conference on Facebook.
He/She will added to your Group.

You have done!!


3 Responses to "How to use Facebook Group Video Chat feature"

  1. sachin Says:

    hi,is it free if not pl tell me the cost

  2. bhavesh k chondagar Says:

    Yes, Sachin,
    It is totally free of cost but you need to have webcamera and head phone to conversation with your friends on Facebook.
    Please read how you can make video call on Facebook for free.

  3. Eric Says:

    I think its the latest feature added by facebook by collboration with skype.

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