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Go Daddy sold for $2.25 billion to KKR and Silver Lake

Go Daddy which is Largest domain provider & hosting company among the internet world has been sold at deal valued at $2.25 billion & KKR & Co., Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures sealed the deal.Go Daddy has announced the sale late Friday.
Although the Company has not announced the deal price officially but the persons familiar with the transaction has told the worth was $2.25 billion.
Company founder and CEO Bob Parsons predicted further growth of GoDaddy under its new ownership.Bob Parsons has said to the Los Angeles Times, “What these guys see is a company with a lot more potential internationally and more potential to make partnerships and acquisitions. They’ll help us finance and they’ll help us recruit talent.”

GoDaddy has been founded in the year of 1997 by Bob Parsons ,and now it has been largest domain provider & hosting provider company having 9.3 million global customers and managing more than 48 million domain names.


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