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Google Plus Fake invitation spreading on internet(Warning)

Google has recently launched Google +1 button which is resembles to Facebook like button to beat Facebook against social networking sharing, and now Google has undertake a larger project named Google plus.
Each and every people wish to have Google plus account at any how and hackers are getting advantage of this opportunities, This is golden opportunities for hackers to hack your account and personal information via spam and malware e-mails of Google plus to you, they are sending an email containing very similar to Google plus invitation and at first look anybody will believe that they had got an invitation for Google plus,but be aware of such an e-mail.If you clicks on that link or invitation you got from that fake Google plus invitation e-mail, you will be redirected to a malicious link or other advertisement page like penis enlargement products and all, They might be trying to fishing you and steal your personal data, so I am not recommending you to clicks on such an e-mail.
If you have already Google plus account, than You must need to learn how to create a vanity URL for your Google plus profile.

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