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How to use n70 as a WebCam

I have recently got invited by Google Plus which is great innovation by Google towards Social networking website.I have created an account and saw there we can hangout at Google plus with our friends and family relatives, as well as we can making conference video chatting online on Google plus.
There you will also find out the links you have Google +1 liked from the Google +1 button at any websites Google has added this features in Google Plus just like Facebook like button by which on clicking your friends will know about the link you have liked via Facebook.

I have created an account with Google Plus and I must say it is quite attractive and very sexy than Facebook, I have visited Google Plus Hang Out, which lets user to conference with the friend circle, For using Google Plus Hang out, you need to install Google plus Hangout Plugin in your computer.
Now come to the topic, I have installed that plugin and all but I came to knew that I have no webcam to conferencing with any people, but at the same time I got an Idea.I have n70 Mobile and which is 3G and having camera on both side, I have used it while at the time of video calling from my cell phone,I thought what happened if I could use my n70 Mobile cell phone as a webcame in my PC to hangout with my friend circles.I searched everywhere and I got one software called Mobiola Web Camera.The software you have to install both in your PC and mobile, for mobile there is Mobiola Web Camera in *.sis format and for PC the Mobiola Web Camera software is in exe file format. Register Mobiola webcam on your PC with the serial provided in the folder Mobiola Serial.

You can download Mobiola webcam software from official website of Mobiola at

You need to install the software both in PC and mobile, While at the time of opening software you will be asked for IMEI number and serial number, you will have to provide that number from the notepad file provided with software and your application will be opened.
Now open that software in mobile you just have installed and connect from there option via Bluetooth, It will initialize and find your PC Bluetooth,Connect both and you are ready to use your Nokia S60V2 mobile cell phones as webcam.

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