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Now Buy Cheap Kindle with Special Offers

Amazon 6” Wi-Fi only Kindle cost is $139 but if you don’t mind on that e-ink screen having some ads, you can get the same Kindle for $25 less.So you will get kindle with $114 only.This cheaper version of its Wi-Fi-only Kindle 3 device called Kindle With Special Offers.
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The new Wi-Fi-only Kindle 3 with special offers is looks exactly like regular kindle but the main difference between the regular kindle and Wi-Fi-only Kindle 3 is that the cheaper Wi-Fi-only Kindle 3 having some advertisement in the form of screensavers on the home screen when they are idle.Amazon is currently offers ad-supported kindles to US only but if you are Indian nationals and still wants to buy this ad-supported version of Kindle, you may pre-order one through HomeShop18.The listed price for kindle is around INR 8000 or $180 including free shipping accepting payment via credit card or net banking facility.


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