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UberTwitter for iPhone is available now

Popular Twitter client for the BlackBerry, UberTwitter, is now also available for the iPhone. The current version has been released as a beta version of UberTwitter, with the full 1.0 version of UberTwitter is going to announced for December.

besides from the standard features offered by most Twitter clients: retweeting, direct messaging and link shortening, tweeting, UberTwitter has featured with unique feature called UberView, that Enable simply turning the iPhone to landscape mode, or by tapping a tweet.

The new UberTwitter for iPhone is require iOS 4.0 or later version & works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.
Unfortunately, the iPhone version of UberTwitter is limited for one Twitter account only, a restriction you won't find in the BlackBerry version.If you have to login to another twitter account,than you must log out from the first account.

iPhone version of UberTwitter is available for free from iTunes.

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