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How to Check Internet Connection Speed

Determining internet connection is essential when you are paying for particular package of Internet.If you are using wireless internet connection, broadband internet connection, Cable, Satellite and Direct Service Line (DSL) Modems.however internet connection speed are different as per Internet service provider(ISP).Most of broadband or cable Internet Service Providers (ISP) list a standard upload and download speed for their service,but if you wish to check how much data is downloaded or uploaded from your computer through your broadband or wireless internet connection, you can check from different website that provides service to check your internet speed online.Those website provides useful information about your bandwidth provided by your Internet service provider(ISP).

There are number of techniques exist for Speed Test and bandwidth measurement. If you are not getting proper internet speed , you may contact your Internet Service Provider to check the service.Here are some cool tips how to check your Internet download speed.

Many of internet service provider in India provides their own Internet speed testing tools to check your connection upload & download speed online.Like Tikona Wireless Broadband, which is largest Internet service provider(ISP) that provides internet speed testing tool on their own domain as
YOU Broadband & Cable India Limited is also another Internet service provider(ISP) that Provides high speed broadband Internet access via cable.They are also providing internet speed checking tool on their own domains at

Checking Internet Speed online :
But what happens if you are not out of them and still wishing to check their Internet connection uploading and downloading speed,Well, You can check your Internet speed online from the following methods.
How to Check Your Current Internet Speed online :
1.Go to the Speakeasy Speed Test website, which providing service to check your Internet connection's upload and download speeds.

2.Here you will find out list of server locations available.from them Pick any of the server locations in the list and click on it to start a test packet download from the Web page at that location.

3.Now wait for test packet to be downloaded in your PC,Now click on Upload Speed button to check your Internet connection uploading speed in which it will send the test packet to internet from your computer.

4.Now click on the done tab, when you have finished, you will see the result of uploading speed and downloading speed .

However there are various website that providing free service to check broadband internet connection speed like that offers user to check their wireless/broadband internet connection speed online with several other is also offering internet speed of connection online with upload speed and download speed with speedometer offering user to check their internet connection speed , from there you can also rate your Internet Service Provider(ISP)  also allows user to test his or her Internet connection in the matter of speed.

Check internet connection speed with software tools :
You can check your internet speed connection with software tools like Verizon's VZAccess or Alltel's Access to connect you to the web.You can check your internet connection speed by using software when you open that software,look for the tab marked 'Statistics' while you have been connected to the Internet. In that tab will be a graph showing your transmit rate (or "upload") and receive rate (or "download").
If you are using Idea net setter , you can see the graph of your uploading speed and downloading speed with Idea Net setter software.If you have idea net setter and you wish to unlock it so that you can use any service provider like DOCOMO, videocon, Vodafone, uninor, Aircel, Aircel rather than idea,you can unlock Idea Net Setter Huawei modem by using simple tricks.


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