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How to Embed Interactive Excel Spreadsheets to Webpage

How you can Embed Interactive Excel Spreadsheets in your website or webpage,the easiest way to embedding Excel Spreadsheets to Webpage is by saving the MS Excel file in webpage format and followed by copy-paste that HTML snippet in your blog template.but if you do so, you will have following drawback to be overcome.
  • You will lose Excel-style interactivity and you will have array of rows and columns inside an HTML table. You will not see any live charts and diagrams in your HTML website or webpage.
  • You will loose the font style, font formatting,font colors and other visual enhancements whenever you wish to copy and paste entire Excel Spreadsheets from webpage to new Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • User can not do calculation,add or delete rows and cells from excel sheet uploaded that can be have all basic Microsoft datasheet.
  • HTML data Spreadsheets you added to Webpage will become static and you can not change it whenever you wish to update your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, you all you have to do is that you need to redo entire HTML to keep the webpage data in sync with the actual spreadsheet.
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    All drawback can be overcome by using zohosheet website, you can create Interactive Excel Spreadsheets Webpage online by importing your excel-sheet to

    1.First you have to create an account with

    2.Verify your email address while at the time of registration and on your zoho spreadsheet home, you need to go to file and select import button to import the file you wish to embed on your website page.Just import the file if you wish to do any change in that imported Excel Spreadsheets , you can do like calculation,and all the thing you can do wish Microsoft excel.

     3.Now go to publish button and there you have to select embed in website/blog as clarified in to image below.
    4.By clicking on the embed in website/blog, you will get a notification as "To embed this spreadsheet into your website or blog, its access mode will be set as PUBLIC. If a spreadsheet is in public mode then anyone can view this spreadsheet. Also, it may get crawled by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Your Zoho username will be part of the document URL."

    5.From there select your preference and click on the continue, you will get a iframe code to paste in your blog/website,you just need to copy that code and paste in your website webpage wherever you wish to embed just like I uploaded below.

    You have done!!!

    From now, your visitor can work on Excel Spreadsheets you embed as if they are working on the desktop version of Microsoft Excel. Users can even do calculations, multiple cell selections and text formatting like bold or italic text, color text , importing the work done by copying and pasting on their own Microsoft Excel file and save in their computer.

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