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Facebook Generated 1 Trillion Pageviews Per Month

Facebook has Crossed 1 Trillion Page-views Per Month as per the report published by Google Adplanner.Facebook has Generated 1 Trillion Pageviews Per Month from over 750 million active users.Means Each of visitor/user of Facebook visits 1,150 pageviews because of some people are prone to use Social Networking websites & Addicted to Facebook are the main reason because there are various tricks are available to use Facebook at library for Students and User can use Facebook in their Office without fear from boss.

The data released by DoubleClick does not include adult websites, ad networks and certain sites owned by Google.But this report about Facebook usage is quietly awesome because Facebook is very Sticky website even me too Addicted to Facebook.That is because of New features launched by Facebook like Video-calling on Facebook,Group Videochatting features on Facebook improved user to hang on Facebook and Become on Facebook even a person who has warmed about to destroy Facebook on 5th November 2011 is a Big Fan of Facebook.

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