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Add Google ajax Search bar with your Adsense ads in website

You might have seen there I have used New Ajax Search bar that shows my adsense ads on the search result page of my blog.Ajax Search is that it can search your blog, without actually leaving your blog.(no need to go to a new page. it acts like an inline search engine for your website.

You can add Adsense ads supported Ajax search Code from Google Web Elements .You can decorate your Search engine with the colors are provided there like bubblegum,Green sky,espresso,shiny, minimalist likewise & the good news is there you can add your adsense code to Ajax Google Search bar just by selecting an option Search my site and use adsense for Search option on configure option.Just below that option you will see a box saying that to paste your adsense publisher id there, just copy it from your account that starting with pub-xxxxx like code and paste it in the box.You will get a code at the bottom of the page.

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You can add it in your blog manually by pasting the code you are getting in above step to Blogger Dashboard>Design>Page elements>Add gadget> HTML/Javascript option.By adding additional CSS Classes you can change the styling and colors of Search Result page.

If you wish to use it in your blogger template, just below the tittle or at the end of the article, you may have to Parse HTML for Blogger XML Template by using HTML code parsing tool.


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