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Google+ for iPad and iPod Touch now available

Steve Jobs when announced the "Magical" iPad tablet that was able to run iPhone apps in addition to apps specifically built for the iPad? New Google plus app that has been approved by Apple for the app for the iPhone, and from now Apple will allow it to run on the iPad and iPod Touch.Now Google + will be available on all iOS devices, including the iPad.
Google plus received a nice improvement to Huddle features including the ability to hide or mute specific Huddle chats in addition to refusing a Huddle invite without running the risk of entirely blocking the user from sending future invites.

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How to Get Google+ Mobile App for iPad:

You can get the iPad app by downloading it through iTunes.You can log in via your Google account once you have found it on free apps.You need to assess Google+, so if you didn't get Google + invitation yet you can get Google + invitation from here.

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