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How Handsome Google looks in Mirror

Recently I was going through Google games and I found interesting topics about Google games, Google + users can play games online, but have you ever tried to play with Google search.Lets play some interesting games with Google !!Well, the topic is about How Google looks in Mirror, Search your self on Google mirror!!

Did you find any interesting thing in that website?? well, I must say that word is "Google" typed from the last word "e" to "G", that is elgooG.The interesting thing is that you can type anything will be started from the opposite side.Suppose if you are are searching for Bhavesh Sondagar(Thats my name!) , it will be typed from the end, see the image for interesting part.
Now after typing your search query, hit enter button, & you will be redirected to Google Search Engine result page, where you will find the word searched is "ragadnos hsevahB",that is mirror word from the originally typed word.
Probably you will get nothing what you are search Searching for, but have little fun to play with.Try Google mirror from elgooG.

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