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How Premium Adsense Publisher gets lots of advantages

Adsense Premium Publisher get lots of advantages than regular Google Adsense publisher.As they can add Google adsense in to their website with lots of customization,according to their needs, size and font they wish.

Google adsense has a premium Adsense service for those websites who receive more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month from there website.Premium

Premium Adsense Publisher gets advantages than Non-premium Adsense Publisher.

*Premium Adsense Publisher has more adsense units while for regular publisher, they may use only 2 search bar and 3 ad units with 3 link units per article on their page.

*Premium Adsense Publisher enjoys flexible ads format as per they need according to their size, they also can remove ads by Google lable which is now Adchoice, which can not be possible for Regular adsense publisher. Premium Google Adsense publisher will have right to remove adchoice label and they can write sponsored links in place of ads by Google, while if regular adsense publisher will write that sponsored link they will getting banned from adsense team.They can also design their ads their self for better looks according to their page.
*According to Google adsense terms and condition,Google is not allowing the regular publisher to put ads on the pornography content, but that rule is quite different from premium adsense publisher,Google allows placing Google ads on Adult and Mature Pages to their premium adsense publisher.

 *Google will never allows regular adsense publisher to Create direct links to AdSense for search results, while the rule is also different for premium adsense publisher.Premium Google adsense publisher enjoys the advantage over regular adsense publisher.Premium adsense publisher can easily creates links as shown in image beside.They can create links to direct links to AdSense for search results for which the user are searching,so they will click on the links and will be taken to AdSense for search results on their website. Now think premium adsense publisher are getting 5 million search queries per month and they will slightly boost the search queries for adsense.So their adsense income will also be increased in this way.

*Google also not allowing publisher to placing ads on Casino Related Websites for Non-premium Adsense publishers, while Google Ads on Casino & gambling content website,while the rule for Premium adsense publisher is also differ from this rule.

*Customized Google adsense revenue term is not allowed to non-premium adsense publisher, while it is available for Premium Google adsense publisher.

*Dedicated Adsense Account Manager is provided to premium adsense publisher which is like a luxurious room for rich people and ordinary room for middle class person.That is quite often I don't like but I think that is needed because so many peoples are clicking on their ads and joining click fraud company with their adsense account so regular adsense publisher will never reach to premium adsesnse publisher as their adsense account will be banned due to illegal activity.So Premium adsense publisher will enjoys dedicated Google rep to help them optimize the look n' feel of their Google Ads for better performance.

The main criteria for becoming an Premium adsense publisher is that, your website should receive more than 5,000,000 search queries (or) should have 20,000,000 content page views a month.

There are premium AdSense publishers like,, and, , etc.

However its all about traffic to your website, As much traffic you are getting to your website, as much $$$ you will receives from adsense and if traffic exceeding more than the criteria , you will have your own upgrade premium Google adsense account.You can try Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tips for free to get traffic to your website.

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