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LumaPix announce FotoFusion for the Mac

LumaPix,who is the publisher of the acclaimed FotoFusion album layout software, is very pleased to announce the release of LumaPix:FotoFusion for the Mac. This new version of FotoFusion responds to the overwhelming demand for a version of FotoFusion that runs natively on OSX ; it includes many of the features that will eventually become part of FotoFusion v5. If you wish to purchase FotoFusion latest version you can try it from their official website of LumaPix.

LumaPix Releases FotoFusion for the Mac

FotoFusion is the stand-alone most used professional photography software package which is generally used to create wedding albums, portraiture, photo-books and other complex image layouts. It bears power tools that automatically arrange all images into multi-page albums.According to David Ziser, Master who is Kodak mentor and internationally-renowned photographer and lecturer,"FotoFusion is the keystone software in our digital production workflow. It is the only album design tool you will ever need."

If you are Mac user, you need not to purchase any of the parallels, vmware, or other software in order to run FotoFusion on your system, just install FotoFusion and run it.The new Mac native version of FotoFusion is currently launching in beta version will works with Mac OS Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion.FotoFusion v5 Mac Beta are available only for OSX 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 , you can have license version of FotoFusion at  $119.95 to $299.95, depending on features selected.Existing user can upgrade FotoFusion v5 Mac Beta at discount of $59.95 to $219.95 from the official website of Lumapix.

Lumapix official website  | Mac OS X Lion now available in Mac App Store


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