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New Google Site link implemented in Search Result page

Day by day Google upgrades all the services, Google has made so many changes in 2011.Google has even launched it's own social networking website Called Google plus, recently Google + has implemented Google + games features by which user can plays games online on the social networking website(Google +).in Gmail they updated the Voice calling at the cheapest rates in around 38 languages.even Google has upgraded the brand name of blogger and Picasa to Google Blogs & Google photos to unify its wise so many changes has been implemented by Google this year and now Google has implemented the New Google Site link just below the search result link which are called as site links.You can see the both of the New Google site link and old Google site link in the image provided here.

This is the image of an old Google site links on Google search Result page, while newer version of Google site links got new look not just an category link for particular website but it contains the category link with little description as shown in image provided below.
You can look the different of both of the search engine result page in Google Search.If you are still not having any site links on your blog/website and want to have site link for your website too, you must know what is site links.

What is site links?
Well, as per the Google explanation,"The links shown below some sites in our search results, called sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Google Search systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they're looking for.

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How to Improve quality of your sitelinks:
You can improve quality of your website site links by making sure that you are using anchor text and alt text that's informative, compact, and avoids repetition. Google believes that visitor of your blog/website are not always using website search bar to search for what they are looking but category or links provided at homepage of website will helps visitor to easily navigate from one page to another page and so there must be clickable links of category pages on your website to have site links for your website on Search Engine Result page.

This <a href="new-page.html">text link</a> is easy for search engines to find.means here is html links I have provided to navigate visitor from one page to another page and that is easily crawlable for Search Engine.

Use Descriptive text for each link you are providing
To watch live TV channels on mobile and PC <a href="videos.html">click here</a> for all channels to be played on mobile as well as computer.

However, instead of the generic "click here," you could rewrite the anchor text more descriptively as:
To watch live TV channels on mobile and PC <a href="videos.html"> for all channels</a> to be played on mobile as well as computer. that will let user to easily attration to click on rather than you are writing click here option for each link.

How to Verify Googlebot has find your internal links or not?
For verified site owners, Webmaster Tools has the feature to verify that whether Googlebot has find your internal links on your website or not, for verifying that, you must need to login to your Google webmaster tool and there you have to go for Your site on the web > Internal links to see how much links you would expect to see that googlebot founds on your website.Checkout the official topic on Google sitelinks from Google webmaster help forum.


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