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Track Google Adsense Payment check status on Bluedart

If you are Google Adsense publisher & you are going to receive your first adsense earning from Google Adsense and still you are having problem, like you are thinking that when will you receive your Google Adsense Payment , around which date Google Adsense payment comes, you have lots of questions to be answered if you are newbie to this matter.I am personally felt such problem when I was going to receive my first payment from Google Adsense.Now I am earning 5 figured income from Google adsense.
If you are one of them and wish to check the status of your Adsense check arrival time, you can check your Adsense payment on bluedart website, you need to do as follows.You are now receiving adsense check through post so you need not have to pay extra $ 25 as before.Now adsense check delivery has been made totally free of cost so publisher will not have to pay anything for receiving adsense payment.If you are going to receive Google adsense payment from Google, you can track your Adsense Check shipment status online on website.You will see Check tracking number from your Google adsense account.

How Adsense payment cycle works :
If you are going to receive your first Google Adsense payment, you also need to verify your account by entering adsense PIN that they have sent you via post, If you did not received adsense PIN you can request upto 3 times for the new adsense PIN generating.You will have to verify your adsense account and then your Adsense payment hold will be removed.
Now within the 1st to 10th of the month, your payment are calculated, so the earned amount from your adsense clicks are calculated and will be displayed on payment history pages.
You may hold or release payments by - 15th of any month 
Payment get processed by 25th of that Month (If crossed Threshold of $100)
In India, Check will reach to you between - 3’rd – 6’th of next Month
In Secured Delivery Option - between 30th and 1st of coming month.

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Tracking Adsense Checks on Bluedart website:
If you are going to receive your Google adsense check this month according to Adsense payment cycle, you will need to check the delivery status of your Google adsense check.You can find more of here.

Whenever payment get updated on your Google adsense account, it will be updated at your payment history page, you will have to check whether your payment has been issued this month or not if you have crossed $100.If payment has been issued, you will be given Google Adsense Check tracking number, that will let you to find your adsense check shipment status on bluedart website.

1.Open your adsense account payment history page, you will see the link like payment issuer, and details will be there for the issued payment.

2.Now by clicking on details, it will open box that will contain your adsense check payment number and details.Here copy the payment number code without including zero and you need to paste that code on bluedart website.
3.Now open bluedart website.There you will see a box containing track your shipment, here you need to select ref number and paste that code copied from adsense payment history page of your adsense account.
and press Go button, you will see the shipment status of your adsense check at the side of this box just like following image below.
4.If you wish to intimate your e-mail address on successful delivery of Google adsense check to you, just enter your e-mail address and tick the box intimate me option, Bluedart will send you mail on successful delivery of your adsense check with the name to whom the courier has been handed over.

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