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Watch Bollywood movies on Yahoo MoviePlex

Recently yahoo India has announced the new feature called Yahoo MoviePlex, by which one can watch Bollywood hindi movies online on Yahoo MoviePlex free of cost with family over internet.

That is not the matter of watching old DVDs with family on TV via cable channels but it will let user to watch online brand new Bollywood movies, so that user can enjoy licensed full-length movies for free.Yahoo said that it will collaborate with movie production houses to bring thousands of local Bollywood movies online to users for a piracy-free, quality entertainment experience.The Yahoo MoviePlex service announced just after the few months when YouTube has released YouTube box office channel by which user can watch streaming popular movies from the Indian cinema each month.

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The main drawback of Yahoo MoviePlex is that it has currently limited Bollywood movie collection but it will soon cover the popular movie tittles like Rock On, Rann, Dil to Baccha Hai Ji, Aakrosh, Rakht Charitra etc.Yahoo MoviePlex is using Flash Video and thus one cannot watch the movies on iPad or other devices that do not support the Flash Player.


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