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Play Pac-Man Game online with Google Doodle

Google is updating its logo each time on different occasion, like wise that is the first website ever that changes it's logo each time and still famous over the world.I don't think changing brand logo is enough to dropping business out for any business but still Google is the most used search engine ever.Google is changing its Google logo saying it to Google Doodle.

That is the image of Google doodle popeye,like wise on 50th anniversary of understanding DNA Google has released a logo which refers to DNA helical in place of "oo" of "Google".

DNA is nothing but the Deoxyribo Nucliec acid which contains genetic information of person in it,on the occasion of 50th anniversary of understanding DNA, Google has changed their logo from simple Google to complex Google with DNA inside.
while the release of new Google doodles nobody has thought that one day each of user will eagerly waiting for the release of New Google Doodle logos.Google has designed over 300 Google logos in United Status only and over 700 logos designed internationally.If you wish to submit your own Google doodles, you can submit it to
If you wish to see how many Google doodles have been created from 1998 to 2011, you can go to for more doodles.

However the Google doodles are not remain permanently, they are for one day or the finishing of particular occasion only for which actually those logo have been designed.But Google got Pac-man fevers that Google has decided to keep the Pac-man Google Doodle forever.
 Google has released the Pac-man Google doodles on the occasion of 30th birthday of PAC-MAN, but due to high demand of public Google posted PAC-Man game permanently available at

How to Download Pac-man games in your PC:
  • Well, if you are Windows users ,you can download the original Pac-Man game from Namco’s official site for just $2.99. You can download a trial version first to see if it’s worth the $3.
  • Mac users can download Pac The Man X, a free Pac-Man clone for Mac OS X. The game supports one or two players and is fun, but be aware that it moves much faster than the original game.
  • Linux users will be able to download NjAM, which is licensed under the GPL.
  • iPhone user will have Ms. Pacman & Pacman Championship Edition are both on sale for $0.99. Pacman Lite is also available for free. 
  • On the Android front, at one time, Namco had an official Pac-Man game available in the Android Market but we don’t know its current status. However, Mazeoid, a Pac-Man clone, is available for free.
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