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Skip Unwanted Part from YouTube Video-Online Tool

We already know YouTube is the most popular Video Sharing website over Internet.So many users from each and every corner of the world are uploading new video each minute and it is largely used website for viewing videos online.Now the question is that, suppose if you are uploading video and you want to crop some part of video you uploaded or cut some unwanted part from video, you need to edit video either offline or online.We bring you some online tools by which you can copy or crop any video over Internet.You can manually edit YouTube videos online from the Online YouTube video editor , that YouTube recently launched.
It is not too much popular tool, but easy to use.Simply you can copy the starting location of a YouTube video, Than by clicking on snip it, the video will be shown from the part you set as starting point.If you want to set both the start and end point of a video you can do it quickly with

Splicd is another online tool that used to skip unwanted parts from a YouTube video. You can isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.Just give the time and hit the continue button, it will give you the link to share it online, you can embed the video wherever you wish to embed and the video will show you the part you selected.

YouTube Time
YouTube Time is another popular tool by which users can easily define a starting and ending time of a YouTube video and skip the unwanted parts in few seconds. Just copy the Video URL from YouTube video and paste it in to the 1st step as shown in the image here, and than set the starting time from where you wish to show the video , You can manually preview it by selecting the preview button or you can directly get the link of video you just skipped the part to show.

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