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Instapaper 4.0 for iPad & iPhone gets Wikipedia Integration

Instapaper which is the best service to allows user to save their favorite articles on web to read it later while they get enough time.I have been using it and it impressed me.The latest version of Instapaper For iOS has lots of new features like New Design, Wikipedia Integration, Article Search and many more.The noticeable enhancement in Instapaper 4.0 is that the app's interface has been totally redesigned.
On iPad if offers magazine like version layout in which side by side articles can be view in a grid is available rather than just list only.User can adjust screen's brightness from the app or inverting color of the text and background is also possible.

The cool changes has been made is one of the most deserved tool that is integration of Wikipedia.That feature enables you to look for the word and phrase as you read the articles, so you need not to use dictionary if you are reading articles from foreign publisher.

Friends tab will shows the contents from your social contacts instead of showing from only Instapaer account.Instapaper 4.0 also bears a new article search tool, which will scan the full text of every article you have saved in Instapaper. It's available as part of the service's $1 per month subscription, so those dying to use it will have to pay up.For the full list of new features, check out developer Marco Arment's in-depth blog post announcing version 4.0.

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