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Splits file upto 4 GB into smaller files for free

If you wish to send a larger file via mail some of the mail service provider deny to send such larger file size.e.g.Windows Live Mail users can send maximum 20 MB of file at once, and if you want to send a file bearing more than 20 MB, suppose you wish to send 50 MB file via mail, you can not send it via mail at once.
Large file splitter utility lets you to divide the portion of you file in to smaller files called pieces.You can splite a most of file formats like Self-Extracting archives, Zip archives, disk images, multimedia, music, video, backup, image, archive, log, large text, document file with GSplit.

User can use the file splitter utility to split a file larger than 4 GB in size and it can also split text-based files like large server log or CSV files.If you are non English user and still wish to use the free file splitting utility, It is available in multiple language so you can use file splitting utility in your native language and still the software version is not available in your language,you can use transmiti that translate any language in to your native language by using Google Translation.You can split multiple file back-to-back at the same time and supports pause/resume the splitting operation allows you to stop the splitting operation if you have anything important work, you can do it later.You can run the free software in all windows platform and even in Windows Vista.

When to use file splitter:

1.When your mail service provider deny to send larger files via mail.
2.Share larger file with your friends when you have limited storage and still you don't want to miss the file.
3.Share bigger file size over internet when you have low speed internet connection,splitting utility is useful at that time because it downloads file from the server by understating the file as smaller in size so your downloading speed will be increased and you can later join the spitted part of file.
4.Transfer really big file via floppy disk or any other removable storage device.
Download Gsplit

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