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MobileMinder- Monitor your Child with Smartphone app

Is your children go away without telling you, where are they going, you are worried about your child's that bad habit?Now the technology updated so you can now monitor your child activity where are they going , are they safe with their friends, Location of your child where they exactly are,Moreover MobileMinder will tell you about Cyber-Bullied,sexting,Mobile web browsing history,Text message,Address book and all about call logs from your child's phone, so you don't have any need to ask them each and everything,the system will automatically all this about.

MobileMinder is a new service that is specially designed to help parents keep an eye on their children via a Web app that works in conjunction with a child’s phone to keep a watch on what they’re up to in a number of innovative ways.

Parents has ability to access their children's 24 hours movement history.The app can not give you information about location only, but it will tell you browsing history of your children's mobile cell phone,It informs you about your child is doing sexting.(Sexting is when your child sends or receives a compromising photo.)Parents have full access to delete the compromising photos from their children's photo remotely.The most wanted feature of the app is "I'm Lost" feature-It will send a map and directions to their parents help parents to find their lost children.The awesome cloud based child-protection platform is currently available only for android mobile cell phones & for blackberry system, it is under development.MobileMinder has an introductory price of €5.99 (about US$8.25) per month.

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