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Why Google needs Mozilla Firefox

So many times a Firefox user whenever he needs to search anything about, he uses the search bar located in Mozilla Firefox either it may be Google, Bing or yahoo like major search engine or by Customized search engine by user.
Do you know How Mozilla earn money, they are not stupid so just provide user to surf whole world in one browser but they are smartest enough.Yes, they are making money by letting you search from their Search bar located at the top left position.Almost the entirety of Mozilla’s income — 97% of $104 million — arrives in the form of royalties from the Firefox search box, and the lion’s share (86%, $85 million) of those royalties are paid by the default search engine: Google.
Now the question is that, Why Google needs Firefox when it has it's own web browser Google Chrome, well the answer is money.Mozilla strongly relies on Google’s royalties, don’t forget that Google is completely reliant on search traffic: of the $8.58 billion revenue earned by Google in the first quarter of 2011, 97% of it is derived from advertising.So the default search engine provided by Mozilla , the search generated by Firefox user on it will get converted in to million and billion dollars of revenue.Same case for Opera and other browser also.

Firefox has absolutely no need to worry about its revenue stream. It is Google’s single biggest source of search traffic.Kicking off Firefox will be ultimately a massive blow for Google, not the other way around.

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