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Get Your Favourite RSS Feed as PDF Newspaper

Now you can turn your favorite RSS feeds in to PDF files and receive via email in your inbox if you like to read magazine style simple news instead of feeds in feed readers.

Most of the RSS feeds can be received via mail in desktop based RSS feed readers like NetNewsWire or feeddemon or in Android Feed reader but receive RSS feeds as PDF newspaper is little different and something cool.

Tabbloid is cool and amazing website that delivers you daily dose of favorite blog post as a print-ready PDF attachment file in your inbox.You can set frequency like Daily or weekly depending on your reading interest and depending on your interest you can subscribe to most of RSS feeds.

All you need to do is just add your favorite blog RSS feeds in the Add feed URL box and click on the add button so on another side showing current subscription will show the feed details and you can remove any subscription of you don't want to read from there, next step is to go to delivery option where you can set frequency(time,daily or weekly etc) of RSS feeds that lands in your inbox.Just save the delivery option to activate feeds as PDF magazine in your inbox by verifying the link you receive from tabloid and you will start receiving your favorite blog post feeds as PDF magazine in your inbox at the mentioned time and date.
If you want to check how the PDF feeds will look in your inbox, you can select the option "Generate sample issue now" and it will generate a sample for you of the feed in your browser.

Features of Tabbloid:
  • No signup required.
  • Receive favorite blog post feeds as PDF magazine.
  • You will start receiving new feeds that are going to be published.
  • Customizable delivery options(frequency ,time
  • Easy to use.
Check out Tabbloid @
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