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how to fix error 404 not found

Very often we are reeving a page error when opening some kind of website from web browser like Google chrome, Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
first of all let me explain you what is error 404.Whenever 404 error your browser shows up ,means that the server could not find the page that you are trying access.This usually means that when opening website link you have entered either wrong spelling have not published it to the server.
Here are some of the error message you are believed to be seen in your computer while accessing any inaccessible website.
-"HTTP 404"  
-"404 Error"
-"404 Not Found"
-"404 Page Not Found"
-"Error 404"

-"Error 404 Not Found"
-"404 File or Directory Not Found"
-"HTTP 404 File Not Found"

How to cure the 404 error message.

Approach 1-If you are receiving the error message, try to changing your computer's IP address if you are assigned to dynamic IP address from your Internet Service Provider.To change your IP address, just disconnect your internet connection and connect it again, so you will get a freash IP address from your Internet Service Provider.But That is not working with all internet users,Broadband internet users will not get advantage of this method,because of the static IP address.

Approach 2-Try to access the website which is unavailable or showing you 404 error message with some proxy servers.e.g if you are from United Arab Emirates where the access to flickr is banned due to regional problem, they can use proxy to access the website or mozilla addons specially made for the people who are banned from flickr and want to access their flickr account.Additionally, the proxy websites can be used to unblock sites such as MySpace, YouTube and other sites that are blocked on your work / school.
You can use some of the proxy website to open the website like,,
Proxy websites are change the URL of the original address and so that you can access the website anonymously without letting know to the administrator.I will advice reader not to access any banking websites like paypal or your local bank through proxy sites because your online banking account might have a chance to be hacked.

Approach 3-It might be possible you are trying to access the website that has misspelled while typing, just check the spelling for correction,If the correction needed than the problem is simple.

Approach 4-Try to run windows registry cleaner like Ccleaner,Regcure,PCKeeper to improve PC performance.They clean the local cache from your computer and speed up your computer performance.

Approach 5-If you are able to access the website through any proxy website, or in your friends computer but not from your computer, your computer needs to be checked with antivirus or you should format your computer because it must be due to virus problem.

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