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How to Backup your Emails in to a Pen Drive

Have you an E-mail Account? If yes than You have so many Important E-mail in your account,Recently Google has increased it's E-mail contact limit from 10,000 to 25,000 . What happen if by mistake your mail got deleted, or your account was disabled , than you might need to have backup of all mails so you can easily assess it even you are out of internet connection and even you are offline.

To Backup your Emails in to a Pen Drive, you can make it possible by several ways.

You can backup your All E-mail in to your PC or Pen drive by using Microsoft Outlook express.You can also use a software that is MailStore , It is the best software for Email archiving and backup software .You can download Mailstore software from the official website of Mailstore.

You install (or unzip) the software to a folder and then select the email accounts that you want to archive. They can be your Gmail accounts, Microsoft Exchange, your old Outlook PST files, Thunderbird and any other web email service that supports either IMAP or POP3.
That software will give you a chance to backup all contact mail in to your flesh drive.If you have so many mail , than you may select specific e-mail that you wish to backup and other rest can be de-selected.

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