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How to add Recent post widget in blogger

Many bloggers are using recent post widget in their blog to looks them more attractive, you too can add Recent post widget in your blog by two methods,
You can do that either by feedburner script code, or you can add just by Java Script/HTML code.
Headlines by Feedburner has already explained by me, you can add it either by Javascript , you can add following code mentioned below in your blog.

To add Recent Post widget in your blog, just follow the steps.
1.Login to your blogger account, Here go to Dashboard.
2.Go to Design > Page elements.
3.Select Add gadget > here JavaScript/HTML and the box will be opened.
4.Add the following code in that box and save it, you have done.

<script src=””></script><br /> <script language=”javascript”><br /> var numposts = 10;<br /> var numchars = 100;<br /> var showpostdate = false;<br /> var showpostsummary = false;<br /> var standardstyling = true;<br /> </script><br /> <script src=””></script>

Just change the to your blog name and you will have your own widget for recent post.
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