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How to Add Headlines by Feedburner into blog

You might have seen on so many blogs that there are recent post widget in blogger or feedburner headline having recent post link in blogger or wordpress website.I have also seen on so many website and wished to have such tittle summery feedburner recent post links widget for my blog, I have searched everywhere on the Internet about it and I found that useful information that how we can add Headlines by Feedburner into blog.
You can easily add Feedburner Recent Posts Widget in to your blog just by following steps.

Feedburner Recent Posts Widget

Recent post widget can be having by Coding and scripting in template, or you can add simply it from feedburner, I have added simply feedburner recent post widget, here is the tutorial , how you can add this widget in to your blog.

1.Login to your feedburner account, If you do not having feedburner account, than you can signup for feedburner

2.Go to Publicize menu as shown in image.

3.Here you will see BuzzBust option at left sidebar, select that option and activate the service,mark the option you want to have in that widget, like open in new window, open in same window,etc.

Here save that widget and you will get code, just copy that code and add in to your blogger account by Login>Dashboard>Design>Page Element and here add Gadget > HTML/Javascript.

4.Paste the copied code in HTML/Javascript widget box, and save the template.

Now you have done. 

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