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Add Twitter (Retweet) button in Blogger

From lots of request of new bloggers, We are posting new tricks how to install  Twitter (Retweet) button for your blog, You can add Twitter (Retweet) button in your blogger post and also Google +1 button in blogger,and Add Floating Social media sharing buttons in your blog without any coding to increase traffic through social media.however you can use Facebook like button , Stumbleupon button, Digg button, Tweet button , linkedin button & Google plus button on your blog to boost your blog traffic.

You can get official Twitter (Retweet) with counter or without counter you wish,You can get official Twitter (Retweet) button at the official website of

Now from this website, get the button by selecting as per your need as shown in image here.
There are three button available , you can choose any one from that and if you have twitter account, than mention there because whenever someone tweets by selection that button, your username will also be posted there.

Now copy that code you will get at the bottom of the page and you should add that code in to your blogger template, You can add in the template below tittle, after the finishing of the post and wherever you want,You can do this by adding that code after or before the post mentioned below.Do not forget to download/backup your blogger template first before changing any HTML code to get back your previews blogger template if you do not like changes you made.

Find out the code mentioned above in your template by going to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML and there press Ctrl+F, Now search for the following code.


You can post the copied code from the twitter website before the code to show the button just above the tittle and If you wish to show it after the post, paste the code just after the above code.


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