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TV channel setting for Realone Player

Now 3G mobile are gonna wildly used and so many people are taking advantage of 3G network by playing Live TV Channel streaming in mobile,  You can also play Live Streaming video from youtube website or any other service providers that plays streaming live channels in mobile,You can use any Service provider like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Docomo than you can see all those provided channels for free of cost in your 2g or 3g enabled mobile.Even You can play Live Video streaming in your PC if you have broadband connection.

Follow the Steps to make setting in your mobile and be ready to watch Live TV streaming channels online.

1.Go to real player of your S60 mobile, Here go to option and select setting.

2.Now choose appropriate Assess Point Name(APN)-for airtel it will be
for Vodafone it will be www

3.Choose UDP Port max-32000 & Minimum -06970

4.Make proxy disable in all real player or default setting Then select advanced setting from options and set as belowgprs bandwidth-99.99kbpsEgprs Bandwidth-199.99kbps.

Now you have done, Your mobile is ready for watching mobile TV live channels online, You can now watch


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