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Unlock Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei E1550

Recently I have brought Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei E1550 for my internet usage, it has so many advantages like it decrease the cable installation charges from the Internet Service Provider and You do not have to pay any more extra money to your Broadband Internet Service provider.

Second one advantage is it has wireless connection and portable device, so You can take it with you and even you enjoy internet surfing and downloading and visiting your favorite website without missing any days in your Laptop or pc at any corner in the world wherever your Internet service provider tower transmission available.

The Idea Net Setter Price is now only 1600 Rs in any where in India, You will have only one disadvantage of Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei E1550 is that, you can use only Idea Sim Card with the original  Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei E1550 you just bought, You can not use any other Sim Card with the Idea Net setter, Even if you have any other SIM Internet service provider like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Docomo but you can overcome this difficulty by unlocking idea netsetter 3G modem(Huawei E1550), You can Unlock Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei E1550 by the following steps mentioned here.
But remember any step missing or any mistake will make your Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei blocked forever. 

1.First of all, you need to note the IMEI Number of net setter, You will find that number from the box provided by Idea Net Setter, or it can be also founded out from the sim card slot.

2.Now connect the Idea Net Setter to your PC.

3.Download Firmware For Huawei E1550 And Huawei Unlock Code Calculator from the provided link here.

4.Extract 'E1550 Firmware.rar' And Open 'E155X_11.608.14.11.00.exe' Firmware File.Next update wizard will automatically search for your Idea Net Setter Modem Huawei,

5.You Can Generate a code With The Help Of Huawei Unlock Code Calculator, that code should be pasted in the password field when asked after finishing installation.

6.Now open 'Universal MasterCode.exe' and enter your IMEI Number at the IMEI field and click on calculate , it will automatically calculate and give you a code of Unlock code and Flash code.

7.Now you will have to copy flash code and enter in to password field whenever asked by firmware updating software, Now your firmware will be automatically updated.

8.Now Uninstall Idea Netsetter Application By Going To 'C:\Program Files\Idea Net Setter'  (Optional step)

9.Now Download Huawei Mobile Partner Software And Install It.

10.Mobile Partner application will ask for the unlock code and you will have to enter your Unlock code calculated via Huawei Unlock Code Calculator.

Congratulation, You have successfully Unlocked your Idea Net setter Modem Huawei E1550.

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