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How to Align Adsesne Unit below tittle of blog's Post

To increase the Adsense Earning various bloggers are placing adsense ads just below the title of blogger, that is increasing the chance of clicks on Adsense ads,If you wish to simply add the adsense ad unite in your blog anywhere , you can simply add the Adsense ads in your blog without any coding. You can also add the adsense Ad unit Just below the tittle of your blog and If you wish to align them Left or right below your Post tittle you can use following steps.
To show the adsense ads in your blogger's blog, you must parse the adsense code in order to make them comfortable with your template because your Blogger templatee are in *.xml file format and if you are adding Javascript / HTML code in your blogger template, it will refuse to add this extra code, so just parse the Adsense code & then put that code in your blogger template, it will be accepted.
You can increase your Adsense CTR by performing AB Split Test in your blog, to find out which ad unit gives better CTR in your blog. Do not forget to download/backup your blogger template first before changing any HTML code to get back your previews blogger template if you do not like changes you made.

To align your Adsenser Ad unit in your blogger blog, just follow the steps.

1.Login to your blogger account.
2.Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
3.Here find the following code in your template, and the following code just above that line.

4.If you wish to align your Adsense ad unite left, you can use following code.

<div style='float:left; margin-right:5px;'> YOUR ADSENSE CODE </div>

5.If you wish to show adsense ad unit right side, you can use following code.
<div style='float:right; margin-left:5px;'> YOUR ADSENSE CODE </div>

Note : You must parse your adsense code before pasting in to your template.


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