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How to Backup Your Full Blogger Template

Many of users are complaining that they lost their old blogger template which was quite good and beautiful one.I too had lost my blogger template when I was changing blogger template.You can change the blogger template by uploading new xml blogger template.You can download free blogger template to make your blog spicy from the following websites.

You can upload new blogger templates from your blogger account.I will suggest you to download the full blogger template of your blog whenever you wish to do any changes in HTML code of your blog, because some of blogger template have HTML coding that will be make some unwanted changes that must be solved,so If you do not like the changes you recently made in your template, you will have no need to find the coding what you updated and what changes you made and all.
Just upload your blogger template you previously downloaded and you have done.To backup your blogger template, you need to follow the steps.

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1.Login to blogger dashboard.
2.Here go to Design tat> Edit HTML and here tick mark on Expand widget template.
3.Now click on the Download Full template link just below at Backup or restore template.
4.You will be asked to save file, Click on yes to save your blogger template and you have done.


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