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Turn your Mobile Cell Phone in to Webcam Easily

Recently Facebook lunched video calling just to compete with Google Plus hang out feature.Facebook tied up with skype and providing skype powered video calling to their user for free.For using Google plus hangout feature, you need to install Google Plus hangout plugin in to your system to make video call from your Google plus account and For Facebook video calling you need to install Facebook video calling plugin in to your PC. You can use so many software available in the market to turn your mobile cell phone in to video camera.
I just recently used my n70 cell phone as a web-camera via Mobiola software.but there is trial version of Mobiola works for some days only and after that I they told to purchase the Mobiola software but I am using video calling with my friends some times only and rest of time will use in blogging so I thought my money will be wasted by purchasing this Mobiola warelex software.Mobiola warelex is providing quite good service specially for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian mobile cell phone web camera.I have searched for Mobiola warelex full version download online, but did not get that free full version of Mobiola warelex software.Than I gave up to searching for free and full version of Mobiola warelex web cam and try to search for different product which provides similar service like Mobiola warelex.
After a long research I got one software which has quite good facility and provides connectivity with PC and mobile cell phone with Bluetooth.that is WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I Go).

Download WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I Go)
It is WWIGO PC application and WWIGO mobile cell phone application which allows user to connect their cell phone via Bluetooth. Download WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I Go) Mobile webcam application for your S60v2 and S60 v5 mobile cell phone.In zip folder wwigo application is available for PC and for mobile it is WWIGO.sis format.If you want wwigo.sisx version for your mobile cell phone, than you may find it in the C drive of you computer in programme file in installed application folder.Enjoy Wireless webcam with your mobile phone camera.WWIGO converts every cameraphone into a webcam for desktop.Official website of WWIGO is

Features of WWIGO (Webcam Wherever I Go) :
Wireless webcam with your mobile phone camera.
Record videos with wwigo PC application.
Use along with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN to do video chat.
Live Upload with to share video.
Video Quality better or comparable to off shelf webcam.
Works with popular Bluetooth Stacks on PC as well with WiFi connections.


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